Interested in both development and implementation of analysis infrastructure for large data sets. Experienced in applying high-throughput technology to complex diseases. Focused on applying next-generation sequencing, and microarray chip technology to basic and translational experimentation, explicitly when related to clinical studies.

Most recently, have been developing methodology and associated software for analysis of metagenomic data sets and statistical techniques for microbial biomarker detection.

At my core I have always enjoyed the art of programming and have leveraged this in a variety of environments. Originally, I started my career at the Vanguard Group, programing and testing Java financial web applications for the small business services group. Over the next years, I obtained a PhD in Bioinformatics and Computational biology, working on developing computational and statistical analysis of ovarian tumors and inflammatory bowel disease. Over the years I have developed automated statistical analyses, made custom visualizations of scientific data, developed metagenomic study design methodology using data mining / machine learning techniques, worked with creating specialized biological databases, worked with terabytes of data, and developed bioinformatics inferences methods. I am excited about what a team of passionate people can do, and am excited to continue creating!